We explore with our children


Curiosity, questions, investigation, discovery and support of the children at Little Sun People are at the core of our preschool methods and curriculum. We have high expectations of our children as they have proven to us over the years they are born with a limitless capacity for learning.

We recognize that young children develop at their own pace but in predictable ways.  Our school leaders are trained in and understand the theoretical and practical aspects of early childhood development. They use that information, research, and experience to construct our individualized curriculum.  Our curriculum is also aligned with the New York State Early Learning Guidelines and always considers who children are and where they are on their developmental spectrum. 

We explore with our students: 

  • How is curiosity expressed?

  • What are some of the typical questions expected during pre-school years?

  • What are the tools that will facilitate discoveries that will be made during the pre school years?

  • How do we develop a sense of responsibility, community and global citizenship in the pre school years?

One method of learning is never enough and Little Sun People has always believed that early exposure to an enriching education experience while instilling a sense of pride in one’s heritage fosters a strong foundation for life long academic learning and social preparedness. Numerous studies have supported this belief, one such study concluded: 

“Our findings challenge the notion that ‘race blindness’ is a universally ideal parenting approach, especially since previous research has shown that racially conscious parenting strategies at either extreme—either ‘race blindness’ or promoting mistrust of other races—are associated with negative outcomes for African American youth. When African American parents instill a proud, informed, and sober perspective of race in their sons and daughters, these children are more likely to experience increased academic success.” 


Additionally, our curriculum connects to the generally accepted areas that encompass development of the whole child and are divided into five specific domains:

1.     Physical well-being, health, and motor development

2.     Social emotional development

3.     Approaches to learning

4.     Cognition and general knowledge

5.     Language, communication, and literacy


Our Little Sun People love cooking....

Our Little Sun People love cooking....