LSP 2014 Graduate

LSP 2014 Graduate


Little Sun People, Inc is a unique community child care center founded in 1980 by Fela Barclift ("Mama Fela"),  mother of four and lifetime resident of the Bedford-Stuyvesant.  Many of her own experiences coupled with the sobering  lessons learned from the Kenneth and Mamie Clark Doll experiments of the 1940s and later revisited in 2009 inspired Mama Fela to desire something more for her children and community.  

Like all parents Mama Fela wanted the very best for her children. So when it came time for her eldest to start preschool, finding a  setting that was academically enriching while fostering a sense of pride and confidence proved to be a difficult task. It was at that moment the vision for LSP began to emerge. Necessity being the mother of invention, Mama Fela redesigned one floor of her Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone and began to advertise her small, in-home family day care program. 

Fueled with the desire to impact the lives and fate of her own children but also the children in her community, it didn't take very long for Mama Fela to discover that she had found her life's work.  Not only did working with young children make her happy, challenge her intellectually, fulfill her need to be creative; but she quickly realized from the responses of the children and their parents that her program design and methods were having a very positive influence in the lives of the children with whom she interacted.

Word spread and Little Sun People soon grew too large for Mama Fela's home. In 1985, under Mama Fela's guidance and with the help of many friends, Little Sun People, Inc moved to The Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza where LSP continues to reside today.

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The story of Little Sun People is an epic story. We would be honored to include you in our story.


Our Story is the story of Luminary African descendent children who have grown up to shape the world and become leaders of the future. We instill each child with the pride that they know their true place in the world and they find joyfulness in their African heritage.