Summer Camp

For a six-week period during the summer months of July and August Little Sun People offers a fun and enriched summer camp of learning, play, and adventure.  Our primary focus is on science and  exploration of the natural world through the eyes of the younger child.  We venture out to learn new things all over New York City and its environs in our summer camp outdoors and trip based program.

We also engage with a variety of the free puppet shows, outdoor musical and theatrical presentations, parks, zoos, sprinklers, and playgrounds.  Our goal is to be outside as much as reasonably possible for the warm months of summer. We wear a summer camp uniform that consists of Little Sun People T-Shirt and kente cloth cap. Summer camp hours are 8 am to 6:30pm. 

Little Sun People offers a   Post-Camp Bridge Option  for a limited number of families who continue to need care until the new school year begins.  This option is contracted separately and may be arranged through the center's admissions office.