Every child’s birthday is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. At Little Sun People, we often play a significant role in our children’s birthday celebrations. Over the course of a school year we may host up to 70 birthday celebrations because not only do many if not most of enrolled children have their birthday celebrations at the center; but the staff members also have their celebrations there as well.

Families wishing to hold their child’s birthday celebration at the center should:

• Remind the teacher at least one week in advance of the party so that the  upcoming birthday can be placed on the class calendar.

• Let the teacher know if the party will be hosted for the celebrant’s class only or for the entire school.

• Inform the teacher if there are plans for clowns or other special entertainment.

•  Cake, ice cream, party decorations and gift bags must be provided by the family and should arrive at the center no later than 3 o’clock on the day of the party.

• Candy is discouraged at the center at other times, but may be included in the birthday party bag.