At Little Sun People, we believe that learning is a complex process that results from the interaction of children’s own thinking and their experiences in the external world. We believe that trips and other external educational and recreational experiences are completely important for the better academic and social development of our children.

When children go out on trips and have experiences it helps them to begin to figure things out for themselves. It helps with their comprehension and their effort to establish meaning and context for their world view.  When children have seen something three-dimensionally and can interact using all of their senses they have greater comprehension and make better connections from concrete to abstract. We believe that our children’s math, literacy, and science understanding is appreciably increased by the experiences that they are able to have on their trips.

We take our children out on one to two trips per month in order to extend and enrich their life experience. We always connect each trip with the theme of the month that we are exploring in our reading program and in the lessons and activities that the children will do during a given month.  We welcome parent participation on all of our trips.  The children are excited and happy when they can share their new experiences with their parents and parents have lots of fun too.
*Every child must have on file a signed permission slip for trips upon admission