There are necessary school supplies that each family is required to provide for your child at the beginning of the school year.  The list of required supplies will be given by each teacher to the parent on the first day of school. 
General items that must be supplied for every registered child are:
•  A folding rest mat-24 X 48 and minimum of 2’ thickness (rest mats can be purchased at a variety of school supply venues around town, exercise mats are not recommended).
•  A rest mat sheet or small crib sheet
•  A large heavy towel or small crib blanket
•  A completely labeled change of clothing including underwear and socks
•  A clear view plastic storage container to hold the labeled change of clothes

•  Any blankie, bottle, sippy cup, teddy bear or other item that the child can use for extra comfort and reassurance during those first separation anxiety producing early days of a new year school year.