Special Events

Little Sun People has several fun and exciting special events each year where children, parents and school staff celebrate special times of the year together.

• Harvest Party Celebration:

We dress up in costumes that relate to the fall farm harvest, farmers, farm animals, pumpkins, fruits, vegetables, and birds are some of the costumes are worn.  We’ll have music, dance, contest, prizes, piñatas, and lots of good child friendly foods

• Umoja Karamu Celebration: 

This feast takes place just before Thanksgiving and is the African Language Swahili phrase that means “Unity Feast.” At this feast, all of the food is prepared by the Dads and other male relatives. After we eat together all of the Dads offer words of inspiration to the children, and staff of the center.


• Kwanzaa Celebration: 

Kwanzaa is an African American holiday created in 1966 by Maulana Karenga. Little Sun People does not celebrate Christmas, but does celebrate Kwanzaa at the end of December each year. At our annual school Kwanzaa program our children perform songs and dances that relate to the holiday of Kwanzaa. Family and school then feast together and exchange gifts.

• Black History Celebration:  Annually in February Little Sun People’s children and staff together create a special program that celebrates the history, culture, and people of the African Diaspora. The children sing, recite poems and dance the story for all of their parents, relatives and friends. After the program all of the children, families and staff reconvene to feast together and enjoy each others company.

• Graduation/Moving on Ceremony:  At the end of each school year in June there is a major commemoration to salute our program graduates who will be leaving the intimate setting of Little Sun People to go out into the larger world of the school system. It’s a party, a ceremony, and a Feast.