Join Us For the Launch of Our Social Media Campaign: #EmpowerLSP

#Empower LSP is focused on reaffirming why Little Sun People Inc is an institution that is essential to the Brooklyn community.  

We ask that you you post toTwitter, Instagram and your Facebook pages personal testimonies of how LSP has positively impacted you and your family ending with #empowerLSP.  These hashtag references will be used as a tool to filter messages that support personal sentiments on the impact Little Sun People has had our on children and community. As we move forward and plan for the future of LSP we will need your help to highlight what makes LSP an institution that should remain a permant fixture in Brooklyn!

Here are a few examples:

"My daughter has developed a great love for chess at school and it is now her favorite pastime" #EmpowerLSP. 

"It was a proud moment for us to know that our daughter considered her 1st heroes/heroines Malcolm X, Queen Nzinga, Harriet Tubman and Bob Marley.  When it came time for her to start Kindergarten she was well prepared and sought after by the best elementary schools in NYC. A foundation unlike any other was set for academic success." #EmpowerLSP


Tara Cox, President

Professional Background: NYC public school teacher & part time NYU adjunct faculty member

LSP Parent Since: 2013

 Child(ren): Zalia & Anala Cox (Fourior & Asantewaa Class)

An interesting fact about me:  I love do it yourself projects. I am always looking for ways to make things myself from furniture to food.


Goals for LSP this year:  My goals for LSP are to strive for full parent commitment and support of LSP’s amazing institution. LSP provides a wonderful and unique experience for our children and we all need to do our part in seeing that it continues to thrive and grow. I would like the focus on celebrating LSP and working to together to ensure it thrives.


Takeesha Sheppard, Vice President

Professional Background: Customer Service Representative for Verizon

LSP Parent Since: 2014

Child(ren): Keyonn Anthony Wright-Sheppard II (Ifes) 

Interesting fact about me: I am fascinated by home improvement shows. I hope to have my own company in the field one day, so that I can use my hobby to help people.


Goal for LSP this year:  My goal is simply to assist the President of our board in any way I can to make our LSP community stronger and better.  This year I will focus on the parental presence and making LSP more visible within our borough

Albert (1) copy.jpg

Albert Kakuidji, PAC Treasurer

Professional Background: Founder and Chair of Kakudji Gallery

LSP Parent Since: 2014

Child(ren): Adia Nyota Kakudji (Ifes) 

Interesting fact about me: I love cheese. 




Goal for LSP this year:  My goal for LSP is to provide the organization with a blueprint to raising a minimum of $10,000 annually through individual donors.



Malika Lee, PAC Secretary

Professional Background: Counselor/Case Manager for Upward Bound at Medgar Evers College  

LSP Parent Since: 2013

Child(ren): Zion Gaia (Fouriors)

 Interesting fact about me: I have a need for speed-performance cars, motorcycles, and ATVs.


Goal for LSP this year: I would like to bring community awareness so that our neighborhood can take pride in LSP like our students do. The African Proverb says "it's takes a village to raise to a child." Unity is strength so let’s begin to build our collective.

Tanika Clarke, PAC Co-Secretary

Professional Background: Executive Assistant, Investment Banking

 LSP Parent Since: 2010

Child(ren): Makayla & Christian Tempral (Former Little Sun Person & Ifes)

Interesting fact about me: I love anything and everything made with coffee.



Goal for LSP this year:  My goals for LSP this year is to bring more awareness to this hidden gem of an education institution and continue to be involved in helping LSP flourish to its highest potential.