6:30 pm is the end of the Little Sun People school day.  All children must be picked up by or before 6:30 pm.  If an emergency should occur and the family is unable to arrive before 6:30 pm to pick up a child, it is very important that the school be called and information given about the whereabouts of the parents and what will be the parent’s expected time of arrival. 

A late pick-up fee will be charged for each instance of pick up for any time after 6:35 pm. It is expected that the late fee will be paid upon the same day as the late pick up incident. If the parent is unable to pay the fee at the time of the incident the late fee must be paid no later than the next day. Every parent who picks up late must sign the late pick up book.  Frequent late pick ups may result in a child’s termination from Little Sun People’s Child Care Center.