At Little Sun People we believe that an orderly and organized predictable social environment can be an important beneficial factor in a child’s development and world view.

At Little Sun People our primary goal is to foster each child’s innate sense of social well being, order, and desire to fit in; both with other people and in places. In our efforts to help each child reach desired goals, we offer information, encouragement, and community building tools.  We help our children understand, by modeling the process of what it means to be part of a classroom community. We set high standards of respect for our children in terms of their relationships with their peers and teachers, we know they can do it and we know they want to do it. We offer many rewards in the form of warm looks, attention, smiles, applause, and praise for cooperation and harmony. 


When conflicts arise, we greet them with information, mediation, and an appeal to our children’s innate desire for peace and agreement; while at the same time searching for the internal or external upset that has caused the discord.  In instances where a child seems too upset to reach emotional balance within the context of the classroom, the program director may come to assist, to listen to the child and give him or her the chance to express their inner trouble; at the same time contact is made with the family in order to begin a collaborative effort toward conflict resolution.